Thanksgiving in North Carolina

As winter seems to finally get its ice cold hands around Canada, I decided to pay my brother a visit in North Carolina.

01-dez-101-dez-3On the way to work…

01-dez-2On the way to the airport.

01-dez-4Montreal airport

01-dez-5Leaving Montreal

01-dez-6Stopover in New York

01-dez-7Although everybody seems to have a mobile device there is no free WIFI at New York airport, but hundreds of free available tablets!?

01-dez-8flight over New York




01-dez-14A nice short but steep hike up to the (over)hanging rock.




01-dez-12My brothers specialty “Kaesspaetzle”


01-dez-11After only 10month my Macbook Pro gave up on me, but at least the warranty seems to be world wide, so i can have it fixed when i am back in Montreal.

01-dez-19Lilyana made this awesome piece of art for me.



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